7 Ways to Spend the Holidays Alone

Feeling like Macaulay Culkin this this Christmas? I understand.  No matter how much you love and embrace your independence, it is natural to feel a little down when you have no one to share the holidays with.

Many find themselves coupling up during winter so that they have someone during the holidays. Considered “cuffing season,” some singles feel they need to resort to attaching themselves to someone just to get through the winter and the holidays. But instead of jumping into some superficial relationship that doesn’t mean anything and won’t go anywhere, you should celebrate the fact that you’re single instead of being ashamed of it. Fortunately, there are many ways you can turn that frown upside down. And I’m here to share them today.

1.) Go out- Just think about all the other singles out there going through the same thing you are. You are anything but alone and this time of year also has loads of single mixers, where other singles come together to celebrate their status. You just have to do some research to find them in your area. 

2.) Travel- Get out of town. Or make a list of places you’ve always wanted to go to and plan a trip.

3.) Decorate your place- Who says you can’t make your place cozy and festive for yourself? Hop onto Pinterest and look up some DIY decoration ideas.

4.) Volunteer- Focus on being a blessing to others.

5.) Make a feast- No need for guests to com over so that you can enjoy your favorite meals. Toss all the excuses (and guilt) aside, make all your favorite comfort food you want! Get out that cookbook, girl!

6.) Movie marathon- There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch and watching a ton of Christmas movies.

7.) Treat yourself to something nice- You no longer have to worry about “the perfect gift” for that significant other. Instead of stressing out and heading to every crowded mall around, you can save yourself lots of stress since you don’t have to worry about the perfect gift. Spoil yourself with something you’ve been wanting for a while! You deserve it 😉

Happy Holidays! 


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