Maybe there’s more to life than this…

If you find yourself constantly or often thinking that, then maybe it’s time for you to do something about it. The only thing that can possibly stop you from seeing how seeing how unbelievable amazing life is…is you. Do any of the below sound familiar?

*You are still blaming yourself or someone else about something in the past; thinking it could’ve been different now, if only…

*You often feel stressed out and tired, maybe lose your temper and then regret it

*You put yourself down on a regular basis with thoughts and even words like “I can’t do this,” “This will never work out,” “I should’ve…” and many more “favorite” phrases

If you are thinking “Yes, that’s me- but I don’t have the time or money for expensive coaching programs and long term commitment,” then the Self-Love Bootcamp is designed specifically for you. This 12 week long, online program that you can take advantage of entirely at your convenience, will help you:

*Set healthy boundaries and learn to notice when you or someone else has cross them-awareness is the first step to positive action!

*Overcome fear and self-doubt so you can finally move forward in life in a significant way.

*Build the ultimate confidence- the one where you are so at peace with yourself that you don’t really care about the Universe- and the Universe loves you for it!

*Handle co-dependency and neediness once and for all.

*Learn to be truly grateful for everything you have and for the opportunities that surround you

*Never feel guilty and ashamed again- because no one wins from these feelings.

*Realize on a deeper level how important self-love is and start making yourself a priority.

*Being a control freak can be useful, but within certain healthy limits. Let’s find these together…

I’ve helped countless women become better versions of themselves by simply teaching them to love themselves. The Self-Love Bootcamp was developed based on the most common challenges my clients face, which is why it is the most popular program.

Can I absolutely guarantee that the lessons and exercises in this program will work for you? If you are willing to put in the time and do the work, then the answer is YES! Your life will immediately start changing. You will see the quickest results if you are consistent with all the exercises.

If you got self-love, you’ve got it all. Set out in a new direction- book the Self-Love Bootcamp today! YOUR INNER SUPERSTAR AWAITS YOU

What’s Included?

Evaluation, a welcome packet with questionnaire, 6 one-on-one calls, 60 minutes each, in-between homework assignments and worksheets to accompany each lesson to assist in reinforcing what you learn, written report after each session with summary of the coaching session,  unlimited follow up emails per week, follow up analysis with written recommendations…………………………………………………………………$499

A La Carte Coaching

If a package is too much for you and just want a handful of sessions to get through the break-up or gain clarity on something, I’ve got you covered! We can do “a la carte” sessions for $75 per session. Each call/session would be 60 minutes and you would receive a call summary, and follow up recommendations/action plan.

*Payment plan available upon request for 3 month package