Gratitude Boosters for the Holiday Season

Gratitude helps keep us humble and focus on the blessings in our life. It is what connects one person to another, and moves us to do something good and kind to others. If you are thankful for the many good things in your life then you will be given more things to be grateful for. It all comes back around. What you give is what you get in return. Here are some many ways you can boost your gratitude this holiday season:  

1.) Express gratitude -What have people in life done that you are thankful for? Examine opportunities to do something special for someone.

2.) Reframe your thoughts –  What are you taking for granted that, if you stop to think about it, you are grateful for? What is there about the challenges/difficulties you have experienced (or currently experiencing) that you can be thankful for?

3.) Create a ritual – Whether it’s meditating, reading affirmations,  it’s so important that you have your own personal daily routine to keep you problems in perspective and stay focused on gratitude.

4.) Unplug from technology – Calm down. I’m not talking about forever. Try it out for  an hour, a day, a week, or even month if you can. Disconnecting from technology has more benefits than you think! You may be able to reconnect and strengthen relationships with family and friends, become more productive, and shift your focus on what really matters.

5.) Try something new – Discover the richness of life. Open yourself to the unknown.When was the last time you did something new? Is there something you have had an interest in? Never felt up to it? Try giving it a go. If it does not work out, at least you tried. Breaking out of your daily routine truly does wonders.

6.) Hand-write thank-you’s – Handwritten notes are so underrated. Who do you appreciate? Let them know by sending them some snail mail.  

7.) Give a compliment – Nothing is more beautiful than sincerity and kindness. Let go of the need to compete and give credit when credit is due. You never know who’s day you could change.

8.) Pay it forward – There are many non-monetary things you can do to spread some kindness! Whatever you do, will always come back to you!

9.) Journaling- Every day for 30 days, write down three things you love about yourself. Or three ways you added value to someone else’s life. Keep them close to your heart.

10.) Stop being a control freak- Nothing every goes as planned. That is the beauty of life. The unexpected occurs when you are busy “planning”. Have a little faith. Breathe and let go of any expectations. Realize that everything happens for a reason. What will be, will be. When you try to control every aspect of your life, you may be pushing your friends and loved ones away. Some things are just aren’t worth the stress. It might sound a little scary but I promise you it will be liberating.


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